About TBT

Truth Be Told is a 501(c)(3) non-profit service organization providing transformational tools of community building, communication skills, creativity and self-care for women behind and beyond bars. The Truth Be Told headquarters is located in Austin, Texas.

Our prison and jail on site programs provide for personal and spiritual growth and healing from past trauma through truth telling in safe communities. They develop skills in writing, public speaking or performance arts, depending on which classes they choose. We encourage in them a deeper sense of personal responsibility and help them face the reality of their pasts and embrace the hope of their futures. We offer them time honored forms of creativity that are useful for dealing with dark emotions that often lead to depression or aggression if they are not released in healthy ways.

Our programs are primarily volunteer facilitated by women who have faced difficult reality in their own lives, and made choices that have brought them recovery, empathy, and the ability to use the 4 Cā€™s in their own lives.

Our Mission

Provide transformational programs through self-discovery for women who are or have been incarcerated resulting in increased self-worth, accountability, and positive contributions to society.

Our Vision

A society where all justice involved women are restored to integrity, thereby breaking the cycle of incarceration.

Our Values

Truth Be Told Cares…