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What a powerful program!

A volunteer may enter prison thinking that they are going to be the helpers. I always leave recognizing that I’ve received more than I could ever give.

It was an extra bonus for me to interact with so many of the Kairos women. I had previously heard bits and pieces of their stories but had never had the opportunity to listen intently for over five minutes.

Each ministry is such a blessing and will certainly make a difference in their lives as they have in mine.

Virginia B., Toastmaster volunteer for Talk To Me Speaking class (2008)

Truth Be Told,

I have nothing but huge praise and blessings for you all and the women you serve. The graduation event was heart-warming as always. I loved hearing each woman “perform”, and the part I liked best was the Hallelujah Prayer, or whatever it was called. It really reinforced the “community” aspect of Discovery classes. And it tugged at my fond memories of interplay.

You have my sincere thanks for allowing people like me to share in your work this way, and you have my highest praise for helping women on this most important journey.


Truth Be Told volunteer after attending a fundraising event (2006)

When I arrived at the Lockhart Prison Facility, I was amazed at the number of programs that were offered. There was one, however, that stood out from the rest. This program was, of course, Truth Be Told (TBT). TBT offers the women on this facility an opportunity to develop and improve themselves through creativity and open honesty. The changes that take place in these women following completion of the TBT, Talk To Me, and special workshops and seminars and programs is amazing. I have noticed women who have for the first time developed a sense of self-esteem, a spirit of courage, and a desire to be productive members of society (many of whom want to give back by working with organizations to bring this concept to others).

Thank you Truth Be Told for giving so many of these inmates that which they never had before – the beauty and sense of “self.”

Thank you for the opportunity to brag on you guys.

Chaplin at the Lockhart Prison Facility (2006)