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If you’ve come to this section, you are peeking into the possibility of becoming one of the treasured Truth Be Told Volunteers who make our work so fun, rewarding and meaningful.

When Nathalie, Carol and Suzanne founded Truth Be Told as a non-profit organization, they were already deeply committed to sharing the tools they used to make their own lives more creative, spiritually balanced, and authentic. Their goal and mission was for the work to reflect the 4 C’s: Creativity, Communication Skills, Community Building and Caring for Self. We invite you to explore your own gifts and skills, and see how you can step forward and embrace a community that includes and supports women who are serving or have served time in prison.

We invite you to read stories, on our Blog, about Volunteers experiences of facilitating behind bars and WE WELCOME YOU to the Family of Truth Be Told! Be prepared to have the spiritual adventure of your life!

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