2018: The Year in Numbers

“I need you to know that being part of the Truth Be Told community has been LIFE CHANGING!”

This artwork and quote come straight from the heart of Samantha, who participated in our Talk to Me Movement program at Lockhart women’s prison this past spring. She then returned in the fall to serve as a classroom mentor, supporting her peers as they learned how to embody and share the story of what they believe put them on a path to prison.

Healing through truth-telling. That’s what Truth Be Told is all about, and it changes lives — one woman, one story, at a time.

Because you, like Samantha, choose to be in community with Truth Be Told, we experienced growth in EVERY program in 2018, serving more than 1,000 justice-involved women and adding two new programs:

  • 152 women graduated from Talk To Me, a “healing through storytelling” program that empowers women to own their life stories and, therefore, write new chapters.
  • 35 women graduated from Let’s Get Real, a re-entry program focused on life skills and facilitated by women with lived experience of incarceration.
  • 239 women participated in Making Connections, offered every week year-round at the Travis County Correctional Complex.
  • 14 Talk to Me graduates continued to stay in safe community by participating in Pay it Forward, a monthly program that espouses emotional resiliency for women serving longer sentences.
  • 10 women participated in Living Deeper & Freer, learning trauma-informed practices and modeling the 4 Cs of community building, communication, creativity and caring for self.
  • 386 women attended Miracles In Human Form performances, in which performing artists share hope and inspiration through their music, spoken word and other artistic expressions.
  • 43 women in the Sex Offender Treatment Program (SOTP) at the Hilltop unit in Gatesville had access to monthly Exploring Creativity workshops, which offer expressive arts as a means to process feelings and strengthen a sense of self. Truth Be Told is the only volunteer organization offering programs in the SOTP dorm.
  • Nearly 100 program graduates who are back in society are choosing to remain in community with Truth Be Told through weekly, moderated Keep On Talking conference calls, a private Facebook group, public speaking opportunities and volunteering at Truth Be Told events.
  • 9 Truth Be Told graduates celebrated their three-year anniversaries of freedom from incarceration and received handmade quilts made with “love in every stitch” by Doyle and Peggy Chandler, the parents of our co-founder Carol Waid.
  • New! 27 women graduated from Dr. Stephanie Covington’s evidence-based Healing Trauma course, which is now offered at Lockhart women’s prison, thanks to Truth Be Told.
  • New! 6 women in the Corrective Intervention Pre-release Program at the Lane Murray Unit in Gatesville learned grounding and self-soothing techniques through Dr. Covington’s Healing Trauma course, offered through Truth Be Told.

We truly couldn’t do this work without your support, so thank you for choosing to be in community with Truth Be Told. Together, let’s reimagine justice for women.


Words from a 2018 Talk to Me Writing and Living Deeper and Freer graduate.