After 18 years of service, Carol Waid announces her retirement

Dear friends of Truth Be Told,

I am writing to let you know that I am embarking on a new adventure. I am retiring from Truth Be Told at the end of this year.

It has been one of my greatest honors to cofound an organization that, after 18-plus years, is strong, thriving and continuing to make a difference in the lives of women affected by incarceration. In these years, I have felt passion, purpose, inspiration, community and have experienced so many heartfelt experiences that I truly can’t count them all. The work we do is in the territory of miracles, and what it has offered me is nothing short of miraculous.

So, why am I retiring from this position that I have loved for so long? The truth is, I’ve poured myself into this meaningful work for nearly two decades, and it is now time to give myself the space to tap into a new creative workflow.

As I prepare for the transition to new adventures, I find gratitude, solace and confidence in knowing how stable our programs are. We have the most committed volunteers who offer hours and hours of their time to women behind and beyond bars. These volunteers are what make it possible to serve hundreds of women each year. Katie Ford and the Truth Be Told Board are strong in their commitment to carry Truth Be Told on into the future. It truly cannot get better than that.

My love for our work runs through my veins, and when I think about how to transition out of the organization I feel most challenged when I think of not being connected to our graduates on a daily basis. These women have helped me to be a story of miraculous growth, just like I witness in our sacred space (also known as our Truth Be Told classroom).

I have mentors supporting me in the transition. My parents are encouraging me to take three months after my retirement in December without anything on my calendar, so I plan to explore, rest and let the world bless me, free of a to-do list. I will be on the road in an RV for a couple of years, and one of our graduates has blessed me with the title of “Traveling Encourager.” So, stay tuned for a blog about my journey. I hope that I will meet you on the road to New Mexico, Arizona, Utah and West Texas.

With a warm bow of deep gratitude.



A message from the Executive Director and Truth Be Told Board

It’s impossible to estimate the number of lives Carol Waid has transformed forever since she helped birth Truth Be Told into existence 18 years ago. For almost two decades, she has been the ‘Mother Heart’ of this organization, shepherding thousands of justice-involved women through their darkest hours and celebrating with them as they uncovered the truest versions of themselves. She has been a life line for so many, and not just for the women we serve. To our volunteer facilitators and devoted supporters, she has played the roles of trusted confidant, wise counsel and encourager. In Carol’s eyes, people are seen fully and, therefore, forever changed. To every conversation and task, Carol brings her whole self, her passion for this work and the women we serve steadfast and ever clear.

Truth Be Told has been incredibly blessed to have Carol as its director of programs since 2007. With adept skill, the patience of a saint and unwavering dedication, she has seen this organization through valleys, victories and exponential growth.

Though she is retiring from her daily responsibilities at Truth Be Told, Carol’s Mother Heart will continue to beat in the chests of the thousands of women she has counseled, mentored, encouraged and befriended for the past 18 years. Her Mother Heart will continue to beat in our executive director and in our board members.

She leaves this organization in the hands of an evergrowing community of changemakers who are capable of taking Truth Be Told to new heights in its mission to provide healing programs to justice-involved women and, thereby, break the cycle of incarceration.

For this, we offer a warm bow of deep gratitude to our Original Changemaker, Ms. Carol Waid.

Katie Ford, executive director

Board members
Donna Snyder, co-chair
Emily Hooks, co-chair
Jeremiah Bush, treasurer
Harriett Choffel, secretary
Annette Price
Steph Adriaenssens
Savannah Kumar

PS: In November, we will honor and pay tribute to Carol with a special celebration for her 18 years of dedication and service. Details to follow in the coming weeks.