Amplifying our graduates beyond bars, and an invitation to go inside

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“I believe honestly had I not been involved with Truth Be Told — and if I wasn’t involved with Truth Be Told today — I wouldn’t be where I am at. I’ve operated my whole life on fear, and now I have the courage to do the right thing, to tell my truth, to do anything really — and to just be alive.”Dara Musick, graduate

The above video was recorded in 2014. All of these Truth Be Told graduates are still free today, which supports what a 2017 survey of TDCJ data revealed: 86.2 percent of our program graduates remain free three years post-incarceration.

Will you uplift the women we serve, both incarcerated and free, by supporting Truth Be Told on Amplify Austin Day, March 1?

We are thrilled that Amplify is still three days away and people already have stepped forward with more than $9,000 in gifts toward our ambitious $36,000 goal. These scheduled donations will post and get “amplified” with corporate incentive funds on Amplify Austin Day. Please consider making a “Scheduled Donation” today through our Amplify page!If you cannot give this year, you can still be a champion for the more than 1,000 justice-involved women we serve every year by sharing this blog post with your friends and encouraging them to support Truth Be Told on Amplify Austin Day.

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Truth Be Told has deemed 2018 as The Year of Capacity Building. To serve more justice-involved women, we must first make a meaningful investment in our infrastructure to overcome operational pain points that keep our dreams of expansion out of reach. Central to this investment is giving Truth Be Told something it has never enjoyed in its 18-year history — full-time executive leadership.

Truth Be Told meets a documented service gap in the U.S. correctional system by offering “gender-responsive” programs — programs designed by women for women. Our programs address the unique risk factors that lead women into the criminal justice system, such as elevated rates of addiction, interpersonal violence, and histories of childhood physical and sexual abuse.

Can you imagine the ripple effect in our communities if Truth Be Told could reach more justice-involved women in Texas?


Volunteer to be a Respectful Listener at the next Talk to Me Story Gathering, Thursday, March 29, at the Lockhart Women’s Correctional Facility.

This mid-semester gathering honors the women enrolled in the Talk to Me program. Class-elected program participants will share their stories with an audience of respectful listeners.

Volunteers must be at the prison by 5 p.m. Carpooling from Austin is available.

Deadline to register is Tuesday, March 13. Please email Carol Waid at to sign up.