Truth Be Told welcomes Rodney Northern to Board of Directors

Truth Be Told welcomes Rodney Northern to Board of Directors

At the March board meeting by an unanimous vote, Rodney Northern was appointed to Truth Be Told’s Board of Directors. Rodney is a seasoned business builder with a unique blend of strategic vision, organizational leadership, financial acumen and a “get ‘er done” mentality. During his corporate tenure, he has led billion-dollar businesses, created more than $15 billion of sustainable innovation businesses and managed multimillion-dollar budgets for many well-known consumer brands, to include Miller Brewing Company, Tyson Foods Inc. and Coca-Cola Company.

Truth Be Told to launch executive search as Katie Ford announces departure

After a lot of introspection and truth-telling to myself, I have decided to bring to a close my time as Truth Be Told’s executive director. I have given three months’ notice, with my last day being June 17. Truth Be Told has my undivided attention through this date in support of the staff and Board of Directors during this time of transition.

YWCA partnership brings counseling to graduates post-release

With an eye toward deepening the support offered to program graduates once they are released from prison, Truth Be Told has entered into a partnership with YWCA Greater Austin to bring low- and no-cost individual counseling to graduate peer facilitators and women enrolled in Truth Be Told’s virtual Healing Trauma program.

DAY 1 of $40,000 in 7 Days: Hear Lainey’s Truth

While incarcerated, Lainey graduated from Truth Be Told’s Talk to Me Writing program, in which participants write and share the story of what they believe put them on a path to prison. She also participated in Living Deeper and Freer and Pay It Forward, two programs that Truth Be Told offers to Talk to Me graduates serving lengthier sentences.

TBT: You were incarcerated as a teenager and spent 30 years in prison. This week, you celebrate one year and three months of freedom. What are you most proud of over these past 15 months?

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