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Battle Creek to Hillsdale, MI – 48 miles

8/6/12 Battle Creek to Hillsdale, MI – 48 miles

(Start of Week 11.  Approx. 3331 miles pedaled to date.)

Awoke to yet another beautiful day for biking. Blue skies, no wind, cool temperatures.

Met Randy for breakfast and we had an interesting conversation about how people’s fears and need for security prevent them from pursuing their dreams. Seems like we have had so many people the past few days approach and ask a myriad of questions, and almost all express admiration and envy that we are able to make this journey. We talked a little about how sad we will be when it is over.

After breakfast, I went to the post office to mail more stuff home, i.e. the camelback, a spare tire, AC Transamerica Maps, some clothes, etc. I felt a definite lightness of spirit as if it wasn’t just stuff. One of the things I love about living on the road is how simple life becomes. The simpler the better.

We took a series of two lane back roads towards Hillsdale. The first roads were in horrible shape and I thought I was going to get jolted off the bike from all the bouncing. It took a lot of effort just to hold on. A good upper body workout. Finally, we started getting better roads and I was able to settle in and enjoy the scenery. Lots of flat tree-lined lanes, which I loved. Those pretty little purple and blue wildflowers. Still quite a few farms, but most looked pretty withered.

As we made a turn at an intersection out in the country, there was a church on the corner with a sign displaying the saying of the week, “You can tune a piano, but you cannot tuna fish.” For the life of me, I don’t get it. For the next mile or so Randy and I tried to figure out what that could possibly mean. We approached it from every angle we could think of. He concluded that it was just a play on words – the pastor just thought it sounded clever and funny, or somehow it related to a Bible verse. I told Randy I didn’t think so and I still don’t get it. I suggested a contest where we solicit input from journal/blog readers and the best interpretation wins….? Then I realized that I should have taken a picture, but didn’t. Another lost opportunity. I am not a very diligent photographer under the best of circumstances, and I am constantly bemoaning the fact that I didn’t take a picture of something and then it is too late.

We stopped for lunch in Homer, MI at the Stagecoach Cafe and had an excellent grilled cheese. We are back into the mode of passing through all these quaint, cute little towns.
Then we easily pedaled the final 20 miles or so to Hillsdale, our final stop for the day. I found a reasonable local motel – these have been increasingly harder to find since we left Nebraska. For dinner, we got on the bikes and rode to Johnny T’s Bistro and had an excellent dinner. Then back to the motel for some Olympics watching and bed.

All in all, another great biking day.


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