Bike Across America with Kim Basinger

Kim Basinger, a former UT basketball player, was inducted into the Women’s Hall of Honor on November 18, 2011. Kim has just begun a 4000 mile bike ride across America, to benefit Truth Be Told. We are honored by Kim’s gracious contribution and wish her the best of luck with her journey.

Please join us as we support Kim’s ride across America – you can read her TransAmerica Journal-in-progress here! Donations are being accepted for Kim’s ride through our PayPal Donate link. Donate by the mile, or a fixed amount:

.01 per mile is $40.00
.02 per mile is $80.00
.05 per mile is $200.00

You can donate in support of Kim’s ride at our PayPal page – simply input the amount you would like to donate, click update, and then log into PayPal. Thank you for supporting Truth Be Told!


TBT co-founder Nathalie Sorrell says this about Kim’s Bike Across America ride:

I’m so excited about my friend, Kim Basinger, making her tranAmerica bike trip. Yesterday I saw a video of her dipping her bike tires into the very active Pacific shoreline waters (so different from the low steady shallow, warm! shoreline waves I experienced in Galveston and Padre Island when I was growing up.)  She was laughing and yelling over the surf as she began her ride from a place near Astoria, Oregon to Eugene, where another dear friend is offering her home for Kim to overnight in, after 3 or 4 days of biking down the west coast. In Eugene – she’ll turn east for the 1st time.

WOW!  I hope y’all will tune in and get some vicarious thrills and more importantly – the inspiration to do something that lights or blows the breath of life on the flames of your inmost heart’s desire. It’s scary, it’s a daily challenge that varies from effortful to FLOWING and it’s a journey, whether you leave home or not. That’s how Truth be Told’s prison work was generated, and that’s how I get my energy and enthusiasm every day, since I said “In Spite of Everything, Yes!” to what I was created to do!  GO KIM! God is with you every mile… every minute.

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  2. Many years ago I watched my best friend ride toward her future. It is wonderful to watch her ride for another’s future. I have always been her biggest fan and i am very proud of her .
    Good Luck Kim!
    – LaDonna

  3. Kim — we are keeping you in our prayers. How is it going???? I’m sure you are having many adventures along the way. I am so proud of you!!! Love, Linda and Sid

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