Kim’s Journey

Grasonville to Salisbury, MD via Delaware (15th state) – 65 miles

8/21/12 Grasonville to Delaware to Salisbury, MD via Delaware (15th state) – 65 miles After a sad/happy goodby hug with Amita, we headed out for Salisbury. While a little overcast, it looked to be a good biking day weather wise. Again, I noticed the hint of fall in the air – my favorite time of […]

8/16/12 Ohiopyle, PA to Frostburg, MD – 59 miles; 14th State

8/16/12 Ohiopyle, PA (on the GAP trail) to Frostburg, MD – 59 miles – 14th state Also crossed the Eastern Continental Divide We took our time leaving Ohiopyle. First, and foremost, we both just liked the feel of the town and being there. A very small town feel, but with enough activity and diverse shops […]

Jefferson City, PA to Ohiopyle, PA – 59 miles

8/15/12 Jefferson City, PA to Ohiopyle, PA, located on the Great Allegheny Passage bike trail – 59 miles Had a good night’s sleep and got off to a great start with breakfast at the Blue Flame Restaurant, which boasted a sign that said, “YOURE NEVER TOO OLD TO LEARN SOMETHING STUPID.” Actually, we almost missed […]

The Kindness of Strangers

8/11/12 Rest day in Cleveland I experienced an adventure today that represents a culmination of all this bike trip has been about for me. That is, learning to be present in the moment and aware and grateful for the opportunities that brings. Here is the back story: after the grueling ride bouncing into Cleveland over […]