DAY 3 of $30,000 in 10 Days: Hear Cara’s Truth

I think what I am most proud of is who I am today and who I continue to become every day. Something that Truth Be Told taught me was that my past doesn’t make me who I am. I carry it with me as a reminder of where I have been, but I am not that person. I love me.

DAY 2 of $30,000 in 10 Days: Hear Brandi’s Truth

When I was first introduced to Truth Be Told, I knew instantly that I wanted to be a part of their Talk to Me Movement program. It was really a no-brainer for me. I have always been a mover, but, up until recently, I didn’t know that it was a part of my spiritual connection.

I started taking dance classes at age 3 and continued into my early teenage years. I think I might even regret quitting dance more than going to prison. It was my outlet. It was my “voice.” However, Talk to Me Movement was my first exposure to authentic movement, where there is no music or choreography. Despite my nerves, I learned so much about my secrets and how they still hold space in my body. I discovered just how connected I am to the hidden emotions and energies of other women as well.

DAY 1 of $30,000 in 10 Days: Hear Lisa’s Truth

My past incarceration affects my life in a positive way because I am motivated to give back. I use my past experience to help other women like me and to shine light on what needs to change. On International Women’s Day, my sister and I joined a group of formerly incarcerated women, and we marched to the Texas Capitol to support several bills that would help women in the criminal justice system. For me personally, I marched for the implementation of more programs within the prison system to help incarcerated women upon their release to aid them in truly succeeding.