Grant Funders 2017-2018

Champions for Truth Be Told

These individuals have contributed a one-time gift of $1,000 or higher in 2017-2018:

Ann and Jack Swingler
Audrey Schmidt
Donna Snyder and Richard Donahue
Harriett Choffel
Louis Black
Peggy Garber
Retta Van Auken
Robert & Peggy Miser
Sandra Eames
Scott and Chelsea Collier
Tom Bentley

Changemakers for Truth Be Told

These individuals contribute a recurring monthly gift:

Beth Broderick
Brandi French (program graduate)
Carolyn and Charley Scarborough
Carson Fustes
Charles Pummill
Cindy and CJ Freeman
Dara Musick (program graduate)
David Jenkins
Diana Stangl
Donna Snyder
Francesca Wigle
Gary & Millie Skidmore
Hazel Barbour
Ihor Gowda
Jackie Rylander
Jeannie Ralston
Jill and Terry Frisbie
Jim Walsh and Nathalie Sorrell
Journey of Imperfect Faith
Julie Schriber
Julie Wylie
Kent and Margot Cummins
Lewis and Nicole Conway
Linda Daugherty
Lynne Dobson and Greg Wooldridge
Mike and Lisa Robertson
Pam and Pete Maulding
Pat Black
Patti Woolery-Price
Pete Gasper
Rosalind Faires
Rutanya Mitchner (program graduate)
Sam Drogosch
Sanctuary Church of Austin
Sara Boone Hartley
Sarah DiMuzio
Sarah Dunlap
Susan deGraffenried
Suzanne Rittenberry
Tina Sims
Tracy Firsching

In-kind Services

Brian Heideman (Website development, maintenance, and consulting services)