Endless Rain Into a Paper Cup

Each spring and fall, Truth Be Told holds a graduation at the end of the semester for each of our prison programs. We invite about 20 guests to participate as respectful witnesses to the women’s creative expressions of what they have learned. For each graduation, we publish a Book of Wisdom with a written entry from each class participant and cover art from two of them.

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Cover Art for GEO Lockhart Unit Fall 2014 Graduation by T-Bo.

Bobby Hawthorne, a journalist and writing teacher, attended the fall graduation at the GEO Lockhart Unit and wrote about his impressions in his own blog, Endless Rain Into a Paper Cup.

Endless Rain Into a Paper Cup

by Bobby Hawthorne

Several months ago, I was invited to attend a graduation ceremony held inside the state prison in Lockhart, and I agreed to do so, mostly for reasons no more noble than mild curiosity. The ceremony is one step along a longer journey of discovery for female inmates, sponsored by an outfit called “Truth Be Told.”

Once I’d agreed to attend, I was instructed to read, fill out, sign and return a stack of forms that reinforced the fact that I was about to enter a real prison, and this is serious stuff. Even an inveterate smartass like myself was impressed and sufficiently intimidated.

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Our next graduations are on April 17 in Lockhart and on May 6 at Bryan Federal Prison Camp. Please visit our website if you are interested in attending.

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  1. Holy Cow, I am so grateful for this amazing piece of artwork, thread through and through with snippets of the graduation of amazing women and their sharing. Thank you Bobby for your deep insight and for your creative weaving of words to express the miracle territory that happens in our programs.

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