For The Music

Today’s guest post is from Kay R. a Behind Bars participant in Peggy Lamb’s Exploring Creativity Workshop .

For Peggy Lamb and Truth Be Told
Creative Writing by Kay R.

For The Music

Thank you for the music
Thank you for the celebration

I felt the drumbeat of Native Americans
My feet danced as if on the US plains
My sister felt drums beating in Africa
Her feet danced as if in the jungle
Another felt the salsa beat of Mexico
Her feet danced as in “fiesta” or “carnival”
Yet another felt the beat of a waterfall
Her feet danced as if on shore
We all danced to the pulse of life

It’s been so long since I danced
So long since my heart soared

Thank you for the spark of creativity

We danced heartfelt stories of life
We wrote stories of life
We spoke stories of life
We shared in celebration of life

Thank you for the energy
Thank you for the music

Please, oh please, more music
Please, oh please, more dancing
Please, oh please, more celebration

Kay’s Bio:

“I find that the great thing in this world is not so much where we stand, as I what direction we are moving.” Oliver Wendell Holmes

In an attempt to share some of me with you, I ask myself if I could live my life over what would I change? Oh, if only I could run away and escape from this and start all over again!

I’ve learned, with a smidgen of wisdom and a smile, that a fresh beginning could never solve anything. GET REAL! Stating I wouldn’t make the same mistakes, yet again, is a fantasy! I can’t run away from myself. My troubles are self-created. In wondrous maturity I’ve learned that I can only change my point of view and evolve. Yay! Little by little, I can change myself and my world. I’m making a new me out of the old one and I’m loving the new me!

Geez folks! Where to start? I am 60 years old and I can honestly shout out, “I am experienced.” I have lived a lot of life. A child of the 60’s, a flower in my hair, I enrolled in University of Texas at Austin in the fall of 1969, I was seventeen! I jumped right in to the anti-establishment movement. Submerged in idealism and hope I was all about protest, determined to change the world. Philosophy was my major and my passion.

Of course, I embraced the Austin live music scene. I wasn’t one to watch and listen from the sidelines. I started out at Armadillo World Headquarters as a waitress and morphed into music scene savvy doing concert security, promo booking! What fun! Yup, I was there, all the time, everywhere.

Drugs flowed freely. Mind expansion I thoroughly nourished. The LSD, Psilocybin, and Mescaline triggered magical experiences. We were living an essence of spiritual purity for a moment.

Fast forward to 2006, I’m lost and screaming out to God asking him to show me something more. “There’s got to be something more; God if you’re really there and listening then help me,” I wailed each night, alone in bed.

I had eventually earned a degree in Social Work, but remaining a non-conformist, I found myself working as a server in a fine dining restaurant in beautiful Marble Falls, while working on my MBA. Was academic pursuit another escape? “Growing up” was a concept I thoroughly and successfully avoided, Rock and Roll forever. Get the surfboard out and hang ten!

Medicated with all kinds of MHMR “solutions,” I had a wreck and hurt someone – BAD. Sirens. Life flight. Oh my! Put on the brakes. Don’t pass go. Go straight to prison.

I’ve been incarcerated just short of three years. I’ve enrolled in every self-help and faith-based class available for me. Truth Be Told’s self-discovery class, Let’s Get Real, really inspired me to connect with my inner essence. To keep connected with my goals. I attend weekly Al-Anon meetings, journal, and study Siddha Yoga by correspondence. I am in the Paws in Prison program learning the language of dogs and how to socialize and train shelter dogs for adoption.

I have a view to engage in service for m community upon release. I plan to work with Search and Rescue Operations and develop my own do therapy organization. I feel ready for the challenges ahead. I know that continued contact with Truth Be Told will help keep me grounded. I’m all about peace, harmony, spirituality, and service.

Thank you gracious ladies of Truth Be Told.

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