Get Involved

If you’ve come to this section, you are peeking into the possibility of becoming one of the treasured Truth Be Told Volunteers who make our work so fun, rewarding and meaningful. For more information about volunteering or getting involved, please Contact Us.

When Nathalie, Carol and Suzanne Founded Truth Be Told as a non-profit agency, they were already deeply committed to giving the women in prison the tools they use to make their own lives more creative, more spiritually sound and more authentic. They decided that everything about this organization would reflect the 4 C’s : Creativity, Communication Skills, Community Building, and Caring for Self. So we invite you to explore your own gifts and skills, and see how you can step forward and embrace a community that includes and supports women who are serving or have served time in prison.

They also saw the women in prison as family: Sisters, many of whom haven’t had the opportunities we’ve had nor even realized that we are all related. So, welcome to this family of women and men who are seeking to use whatever gifts, talents and skills God has given us to nurture the growth of our sisters behind and beyond bars. Whether you end up getting your inspiration and rewards from working face to face with these beautiful sisters in prison or on the outside — or whether you use your skills and talents to open doors and build a bridge for them to walk over when they are released and trying to start a new life with their children and families on the outside –WE WELCOME YOU to the Family of Truth Be Told! Be prepared to have the spiritual adventure of your life!