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Hatchet Campground to Dubois, WY – 50 miles

6/30/12. Hatchet campground to Dubois, WY – approx 50 miles

Had the best camping night to date last night as I didn’t freeze, and was actually comfortable. Randy gave me a sleeping bag liner he no longer needed because he bought a new sleeping bag in Missoula. Made a huge difference.

The ride to Dubois was to include a long steep incline ride to Togwotee Pass, elev 9658 feet. However, as we started the ride, we came upon a construction crew who told us we had to load our bikes into the back of a truck and ride over the dirt roads the first 3 miles of the climb. Can’t say we were totally disappointed, as there was plenty of climb left after.

Along the ride today, we continued to meet more and more riders coming from the east on the TRANSAMERICA , who were beginning their last month. Saw one family making the ride together. Also met 2 nice men from England. I asked about the situation in Colorado. They indicated that the smoke did bother them some. They also recounted some antidotes about riding through the winds and miles of flat roads in Kansas and Missouri, and noted that the dogs were bad in Kentucky. More to think about.

After reaching the Togwotee Summit, we had miles of fun downhill ride. No wind problems. At times, I coasted at 30 mph or more. Stopped for lunch at a nice little cafe, then finished the remaining 10 miles to Dubois, where I checked into my motel, took a shower, washed clothes, shopped for snacks for the next leg and re-grouped. The motel sat right on the banks of the Wind River, and had a beautiful deck where you could just chill out. Meanwhile, the guys camped at KOA.

Since I have to make a decision tomorrow regarding whether I will stay on the TRANSAMERICA route or deviate and go with the guys to Mt Rushmore, then Iowa for the RAGBRAI, I called Dawne in Denver. She was fully supportive of my continuing to ride with the guys because of fire, traveling companion safety, and because maybe it would be a little cooler on a more northern route. We discussed that she may drive up in a could of days and meet us along the route for a visit. I felt so relieved to have made a decision and went to the KOA to tell the guys. They seemed happy. Went back to the motel to rest up for tomorrow.

I feel sad that I won’t get to see my friends in Colorado, but can always make a trip later. I won’t have the opportunity to ride my bike across America with a group that I feel compatible and safe with, not to mention people with whom I enjoy every day. Also, the “theme” of the trip for me from the very outset has been to learn to live in the present, and making this change in plans is certainly in line with that theme.

I am meeting the guys for breakfast tomorrow morning, and we plan to ride 77 miles to Riverton, beginning the next phase of this incredible journey towards MT Rushmore. I feel happy.



  • Hey Kim! What an amazing journey, girl. I love, love, love reading your posts. I just can’t wait to get to the next “chapter.” I’m receiving your blogs timelier from dear George as the blog notes from TBT seem to be behind–I’m sure it’s a posting issue with all kinds of variables–which makes my notes to you be off! At any rate, enjoying the ride so thoroughly and vicariously through your writings/musings. Prayers are surrounding you and your fellow sojourners!! LUV! Linda

    • Hi Linda, I am so grateful that you are following the posts and thank you for being on Kim’s cheering team. Yes, you are correct about the different things that are happening for us to get the blogs updated, so thanks for knowing that without even knowing it as a fact. I am curious about who dear George is and where his posts are appearing.

      • Dear George is Kim’s mom’s husband (step-dad) — and he’s forwarding Kim’s notes to him/her mom to me. I’ve known Kim’s mom for eons, and therefore, the girls too.

        • Thanks Linda. I am grateful that you are getting the entries. We have received several entries, but they have to go through a process to get updated, but they are being savored and cherished. I so admire Kim’s journey. I have also been reading a blog called “The Path Less Traveled,” and I saw a photo of a group and had fun thinking that it might be Kim in that photo. It doesn’t show their faces, but I do like thinking about all these courageous people supporting each other.

  • Finally figured out how to leave a message to Kim on her blog that Ive been following intensely via the email updates….in any event, I could not be happier that the trip has been a treasure trove of God moments and beginnings for you!!! Be safe and as always, enjoy the ride!!!


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