Journey IFC is Making a Journey

Truth Be Told programs bring incarcerated women tools that promote personal development and spiritual growth. We are not a faith-based organization, but a few small congregations are some of our most committed donors, so we are indeed supported by the faithful. On our website we recognize Transformational Donors: the stalwarts who have contributed major support over the years. One of those is Journey Imperfect Faith Community. We asked them to give us an update on their congregation.

If you go to a church that designates certain collections or funds to nonprofits, please keep us in mind. We would be delighted to make a presentation or provide materials about Truth Be Told. The topics of forgiveness, love, truth, healing, and reconciliation have no denomination.


By Susan Corbin

Once upon a time in 2004 a group of people who were adrift in the world of religion decided to start a different kind of church. They knew that many times churches fail the very people they claim to help. They hoped to create something that would be supportive and loving to everyone, no matter what.

TBTJIFCThus Journey Imperfect Faith Community was born. Journey has a set of bylaws that are lovely to read (if you would like to see for yourselves, please go to and click on the By-laws link). Within those bylaws is a provision that the members of Journey IFC will allocate 10 percent of its general income to the wider Austin and worldwide community. A team within the community called the Strength Team handles where those dollars are funneled.

One of the organizations that our Strength Team supports monetarily and with volunteers is Truth Be Told. Truth Be Told fits Journey’s view of how God wants God’s people to be in the world, that is, supporting each other as we mature and grow as individuals. Also, one of our members was instrumental in the creation of this organization, so it is very close to our hearts.

Currently JourneyIFC needs a permanent home, so we are raising funds for the down payment on a space. In addition to other efforts, we have started an Indiegogo crowd-funding effort at Everyone who supports loving and inclusive environments is invited to help us with donations of any size. We have had donations from $25 to $1,500, and every donation comes with a choice of a fun perk! And, every donation is helping us purchase a space for us to continue our work in the world as God’s hands.

Please have a look at our video and decide for yourselves if JourneyIFC is something you would like to support. Thank you.


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