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Kim's Journey Begins

5/27/12 – SW 1363 to LAS; then SW 369 to Portland. The view from the plane was amazing. So green and lush and beautiful.

Arrived at 12:20 am. Jamie and Kim picked me up. Jamie has this RV that she camps in a lot. Just the perfect size. Tomorrow we will camp on the coast. It has a stove, bathroom, shower, etc. like a little house. Went to Jamie’s house and assembled bike – took to performance bike for check and adjustments – we went to eat while waiting. I was starving  and ate pork loin, grilled asparagus and mashed potatoes. Then picked up bike and took to house. Made a run to the mall to get Kim2 jelly beans for her trip home to Minnesota

Jamie took us for a tour of Portland. Very hilly and lush and green and the flowers are gorgeous all over. The houses are very interesting to look at as well.

Back to Jamie’s house. Really neat house perched on the side of a hill/small mountain with an amazing view over Portland. Jamie has 2 cats, Murphy Brown and Maddie – sisters from the same litter and very precocious. They do all the right cat things, including giving good luvins.  Had Ben & Jerry’s fudge nut brownie ice cream.

I was exhausted from the trip and time change. Went to bed at 9 pm and slept pretty well. The plan is to drive to the coast near Astoria and take pictures of me dipping the wheel into the pacific. Then Jamie and Kim are going to drive ahead to Cannon Beach and set up camp while I bike to meet them. If the traffic is too heavy, they will come back and let me know and I can always put the bike on the RV.

5/28/12   WOW – one of the best days of my life! We drove to Fort Stevens Park, and I performed the ritual dipping of the rear wheel. Fort Stevens is actually further west than Astoria and on the Pacific. The weather could not have been more perfect for Oregon. I think Jamie was in shock.

We had lunch in the RV, then I started riding about 1 pm. Jamie and Kim rode ahead to Cannon Beach for a hike. We decided to shoot for Nehalem Bay State Park to camp, about 40 miles from Astoria.

Since I had the opportunity, I rode without all the panniers. The ride was fabulous. A combination of flats, slowly rolling hills and, in some places, long slow inclines followed by nice downhill runs. Some of the views of the Pacific were fabulous. There was even a tunnel in the side of a mountain near Arch Cape where you had to push a button before entering that would activate flashing lights to let people know bikers were in the tunnel. I stopped and took a picture of this tiny Presbyterian Church that had a special air about it for Mom.

As I suspected, there were quite a few bikers out there, some with fully loaded panniers, etc. At one point, I talked to this middle aged guy who was literally loaded to the gills – I do not know how he could bike with all that stuff. He was a little reticent about talking with me, but I persisted out of curiosity since he was obviously going somewhere far. Turns out. He is riding to Virginia, and then maybe across to Europe because the exchange rate is so low. I kept thinking we might meet up again sometime, but I did not get the feeling he wanted company. He was planning to stay at the same campground where we stayed, except in the hiker/biker area.

We set up camp and had a fabulous dinner. After,  we hiked to the beach and took pictures of the sunset. Jamie and Kim have really gotten into the trip and we all kept saying how much we wish they could keep going with me, especially if they could bike some too. I will miss them after they leave. They are such fun and good companions.

Up until this morning, I have been constantly hungry. Have especially craved ice cream for some reason. Took a break yesterday afternoon at a little roadside cafe and had apple crisp with ice cream and coffee. Heated. It was delicious. This morning I feel rather full after all the good eating and sugar – I think it is time to return to some sense of discipline and eliminate some of the less healthy foods. The festive feel of the trip lent itself to an overindulgence in desserts. Time to return to food as fuel reality, with only occasional sweets. I do like sweets.

5/28/12 – I ( and everyone else in the RV) was awakened at 5:45  this morning by Mom’s call. I am not sure whether she forgot about the time change and the fact that we were camping, or maybe she was just ready to plan the day. At any rate, I haven’t called back.

Left Jamie and Kim at approx. 8 am. Rode to Tillamook and stopped for a pancake and sausage for lunch. Saw the Tillamook Cheese place  from the TV ads I see all the time in Austin. Thought about stopping, but decided to continue on into town. Approx 25 miles from Nehalem. Continued on along Nestarts and three capes scenic highway. Gorgeous ride and perfect weather. However, ran into a long, long, long climb that almost killed me. At the top it finally flattened out and looked like desert on all sides – sand everywhere. Nice long fast ride downhill. Ended up in Pacific City at a little hotel. Owner Geoff was very friendly and let me wash clothes for free. Ate a a little pub down the street – had roast beef au jus that SW excellent , or maybe I was just really hungry.

Rode total of approx 53 miles  and my body definitely felt it. Had some knee paid issues – I think there may be some stuff floating around in there that lodges on occasion and causes pain, because not a constant. I am grateful for Advil.

Went to bed about 7:30.

Could spend hours talking about all I see and hear and think and experience, but have decided I am going to concentrate on just enjoying it. It would have taken hours more if I took a picture of every picture worthy view and setting.


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