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Madison to Pewaukee, WI – 70 miles

8/1/12 Madison to Pewaukee, WI – 70 miles

FIRST DAY OF AUGUST! We’re getting down to the wire…

Crossed another huge milestone today – I just turned 55 in June and now qualify for Senior Discount breakfast at IHOP. That was a big eye opener for sure. Since I believe life is essentially about how we choose to approach it, I decided to choose to focus on the positive aspect of being old enough to qualify. Breakfast was great.

We rode approx. 10 miles to find the Glacial Drumlin State Trail. Once again along the way a local stopped and offered help on directions to the trailhead. We marveled again at the kindness of strangers. The really cool part was that he just happened to drive up at the precise moment we needed the guidance. So, no “spinning our wheels” trying to figure it all out.

Once again, the bike trail was in great shape and we glided along with no traffic or hills to speak of. The only downside to the trail were the bridges. They were really rough and bumpy to cross, and I am amazed that we didn’t get any flats. The scenery varied from crops, to fields, to rolling hills, to trees, to beautiful lakes. At various points along the way, there would be these cute towns that were easily accessible as water stops. We stopped for lunch at Sullivan’s Pub and Grill and, to our surprise and delight, they had sweet potato fries to go with the grilled cheese. They were actually pretty good, although not as good as those in Oregon.

Back on the trail to Waukesha, WI. I spent most of the day listening to my shuffle of music and lost in my thoughts. At one point, this really big bird – I think it was a large crane – skipped across the trail right in front of me. I hopped off the bike and began stalking the bird as quietly as I could in hopes of getting a picture. It was then that I realized there were actually two big birds, and both began this really loud squawking noise. Although they did not appear the bit afraid of me, they hopped off faster than I could keep up. So, I was relegated to trying to zoom in as best I could for a picture.

We arrived in Wausheka late in the afternoon and started looking for a motel. After indulging in one of those strawberry lemonade brain freezes at McDonalds, we ended up riding another 5-6 miles to Pewaukee, because all the local motels were booked for the state fair.  Tomorrow we head for Milwaukee.


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