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Milwaukee, WI to Muskegon, MI – 12 miles

8/3/12 Milwaukee, WI to Muskegon, MI by bike and Express Lake Ferry – 12 miles

We left the Hilton Milwaukee City Center and biked to catch the express ferry across Lake Michigan to Muskegon, Michigan. Randy and I both agreed that we were pleasantly surprised by Milwaukee, and it is one city we wouldn’t mind returning to explore someday.

Loading onto the ferry was interesting. Being on bikes, they essentially treated us as though we were in cars, except that we were at the front of the line of cars. We walked the bikes on and tied them off in an area along one of the side walls. Then upstairs to the air conditioned passenger cabin, which resembled the inside of an airplane, except more spacious and with a concessions stand. Once the ferry got going, it seemed as though it fairly flew across the lake. Still, it took 2 1/2 hours to cross. I alternated between hanging out on the outside decks and inside the passenger cabin. Mostly just watched the scenery, listened to music and napped. As we approached Muskegon, I noticed that we had gone through another time change and were now in EST time zone. In addition, we were now entering our tenth state. Two more trip milestones.

After getting off the ferry, we looked for something to eat before searching out the campground where we were staying. The pickings were slim in regard to local cafes or eating establishments, and we ended up at our tried and true Subway. Then, off to the campground. As campgrounds go, this one wasn’t bad, although pricey. Had very nice showers and a nice view of Lake Michigan. We decided to camp because there was a Coast Guard festival of some sort going on and there were few motel rooms available. Those that were available were asking an outrageous rate.

After pitching my tent, I biked a mile or so to McDonalds for one of those strawberry lemonade brain freezes, and to use their free Wi-Fi. I returned to the camp just before dark and took a shower. When I got back to the campsite, Randy decided to pull out the propane heater and throw together his specialty – Uncle Ben’s rice with Campbell’s beef with vegetable soup. I have honestly grown to really like this dish and envision fixing it myself when I get home. I imagine it will forever be imprinted on my brain as a fond reminder of this trip. For dessert, we had spoonfuls of Shurfine creamy peanut butter.

I have received some inquiries from people regarding where Randy is from, etc. if you are interested in Randy’s impressions and take on the trip, you might look at his blog at ridethewhiteline.blogspot. We agreed shortly after we started riding together that we would not read each other’s journal/blog until after trip was over, the idea being to reduce the likelihood of  influencing each others independent recollections. That being said, at times we will discuss things we put in the journal/blog.  For example, I might share thoughts I am having that day that might be journal worthy, I.e. the Sassy saga. He gets a laugh out of some of those. Or, we will have a discussion about something and one of us will say something like, “that sounds like journal material…” I think one of the few things we both look forward when this adventure ends is reading each other’s impressions from along the way.


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