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Mitchell and a Dollar Bill

6/6/12. 43 miles from outside Prineville to Mitchell.

Had a rough night camping because my feet were freezing. However, I felt better than I thought I would once I got up. The goal for the day was Mitchell, approx 40 miles away. Beautiful ride and we got into town in the early afternoon. Just before town was an espresso stand and we stopped for coffee. I was very happy.

Although they had free camping at the Mitchell city park, I opted for The Oregon Hotel, a cute and quaint little inn that looked as though it came right out of the old western movies – you know, where there is the bar downstairs and rooms upstairs, except instead of a bar there was a parlor with a piano and comfortable sofas and chairs. There were a variety of room choices from a bunk room at 17.00 per night to single rooms 39 – 59.00 per night to fancier rooms. I opted for the 39.00 room. They even had a fabulous old time tub to soak in.

Also staying  at the motel was a family fromTenn that had traveled out to Oregon for a reunion. Quite an investing cast of characters. The elderly patriarch took me aside at one point and told me he was an evangelist with the Church of Christ for years, and had even published 3 books, one of which had a picture of him when he was 14. He said “God bless you..hope to see you again down the highway..” Since I knew we weren’t traveling anywhere near the same highway in this life, I caught his “hint” and replied, ” I am absolutely certain we will meet again.” He left with a smile.

Lunch at the Pine Tree was fabulous. I had a hamburger with hand cut fries that were to die for. There were dollar bills staples to the walls with the names of people biking through. McKinley and I added a dollar bill with Cross Country ride and our names and hometowns to the group. I took some pictures.

We also met a woman named Leslie that is biking cross-country, but hurt her knee and was bussing ahead to Baker City to re-coup. Another contingent of 3 bikers that started in Florence came into town late afternoon and set up camp in the park.

After a cup of hot tea, I had a good soak in the old time tub – that was a definite treat.


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  • Kim, I’m so enjoying your journal. It has taken me two days to figure out how to go forward in the journal. What an amazing adventure!!! Sending prayers. HUGS! Linda (Tate)


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