Princess Warriors in Prison

Our recent Donor and Volunteer Campaign mailing included a card that has our Mission, Vision, and Values on one side. We recently learned that people want to hold on to the card because this Princess Warrior drawing by Donna, one of our program graduates, is on the other side.

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Donna was released more than two years ago and continues to be part of the awesome community of graduates who participate in our Beyond Bars activities. Since we have shared her artwork recently, we wanted to hear about what she was experiencing when she created it in class, so Carol Waid interviewed her. Click to listen.

Listen to Donna describe how after being incarcerated for six years, she still felt lost and confused about the mistakes she made and why things turned out the way they did. Then she found a Truth Be Told class.

At first she was hesitant to face her pain rather than trying to block it out, but when the healing started she knew she was changed and finally ready to go home.

She did the drawing in response to Nathalie Sorrell’s speech about being a Princess Warrior no matter what your circumstances. The woman in the clock represents breaking free, a woman not defined by her past or being in prison.

Donna, thanks for sharing you gift and your story with us!

If you would like a Princess Warrior card, please contact us.

Transformational Donors

We love hearing graduates like Donna talk about their healing and transformation. Truth Be Told has been blessed with a small group of donors who have transformed our work and our organization by consistently contributing major financial support over the years.

Our Transformational Donors are:

Two of our Transformational Donors share why they donate.

I support Truth Be Told because I have witnessed the healing of women who were broken. I have seen for myself the transformational power of creating a community of respectful listeners as each one tells her story. I believe that a woman transformed can transform her family. I have seen TBT nurture and support this transformation. – Jim Walsh, Walsh, Anderson, Gallegos, Green and Trevino P.C. and “Law Dawg”

Why do I give? I give to see lives transformed. I heard Nathalie Sorrell’s story of why she felt compelled to work with women in prison. I thought, “Good for Nathalie!” A few months later Nathalie invited me to attend a graduation ceremony in the Lockhart prison. I was mildly curious about what she was doing. I received a firsthand experience of the powerful work she and Carol Waid created.  Although I did not feel compelled to actually work in the prison, I did feel moved to get involved. What moved me during that visit were the stories the women told. Each women told a story about how their life had been transformed by their work in the Truth Be Told curriculum. I wanted to be a part of something that transformed lives. My involvement is the giving of my financial resources. I want to see that as many women as possible will have access to Truth Be Told. – Bobby Miser, Rogers Benefit Group, Houston

Watch your mailbox or inbox for our Donor and Volunteer Drive letter or go online to help us reach our $25,000 goal for the campaign.


4 Responses to Princess Warriors in Prison

      • I just listened to it — so crazy how time passes and I never get back to these sweet things that are so inspiring and also reinforcing of our work. I loved hearing her voice. I’m so glad you do this, Carol – you have a gift and it’s visible and tangible.
        Gratefully- Nathalie

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