Truth Be Told’s evolving curriculum involves three programs: Talk to Me Series, Let’s Get Real, and TCCC Del Valle Jail project.

The Talk to Me series integrates the expressive arts of public speaking, writing, and movement with a guided process of personal story telling and seeking to make a distinction between what happened to them and what choices did the women make that led them to being incarcerated.  Our focus is not on the offense or crime, but on what led them to prison.

In designing and teaching the curriculum, the objectives are to:

  • Deepen the inmates’ self-understanding, personal responsibility, and the wise use of freedom of choice
  • To teach inmate participants to improve their communication skills through writing, speaking, and respectful listening
  • To assist inmate participants in developing tools of self-expression using writing, movement, song, storytelling, and stillness
  • Inspire them in experiencing healthy community so that they have experience and a longing to seek supportive community in their lives
  • To evoke inmate participants to become mentors both to new class members and in other relationships
  • Provide support and serve as role models as they learn to support each other