Exploring Creativity

Truth Be Told brings in volunteers to lead Exploring Creativity Workshops for incarcerated women. Leaders vary from storytellers to singers to visual artists to dancers to drummers – to quilters and yoga teachers and writers.

Let’s Get Real

This 14-week program was created in 2002, because of a request from an Asst. Warden at the Lockhart Unit. She witnessed the phenomenon that is called “short timing:” It is common that when people are on their way out of prison they began to show reactionary behaviors, that are often self-destructive, to the reality of being released. There is fear of the unknown and many people know they will return to the same environment they left with little opportunity, support, or financial possibilities for a new lifestyle. There is the reality that many will be returning to older children, who’ve

Talk To Me

We facilitate this series in two different curriculum formats in two different prisons and we find that they both work very well. This 16-week series consists of three classes, with a goal of 15 new members, and 1-2 mentors, each semester. We hold two semesters per calendar year. We offer three modalities that students can choose from. All class members track their life experiences on a graph, called a “life line” and learn to journal about their feelings around sharing their stories with others. Talk To Me – Speaking teaches public speaking skills, based on Toastmaster principles. Talk To Me

Pay It Forward

This peer-led program focuses on provides an ongoing support group for alums of the Talk to Me program with long sentences.

Healing Trauma

Developed by Dr. Stephanie S Covington and Eileen M Russo, this 6-week program is a short intervention that focuses on identifying trauma, power & abuse, and teaching grounding techniques. In 2021, in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, we launched Healing Trauma Virtual, which brings this curriculum to students from a distance.

Beyond Bars

When former class members leave prison, Truth Be Told encourages the women to stay involved and join our Beyond Bars peer-led programs. When they contact us, we hold their first “participant check-in.” This is a time for us to ask them about how they are doing and to reengage the tools they have been introduced to on the inside. Participants receive a Welcome Home Packet that includes information about how they can stay involved in programs, as well as a TRUTH bracelet to remind them of the work they did to create a healthy community.We track their reentry progress and