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Rest day in Casper

6/4/12 – Rest day in Casper – July 4

So glad for this rest day. I slept in (for me); had a good breakfast, did some laundry and caught up on the journal. Around mid- morning, I met Randy and we rode to an area of town with a mall to pick up a few items for the next leg of the trip. Top of the list: Starbucks via. On the way back to the motel, we ate lunch at Subway and I scoped out the post office so I can mail some items home and lighten the load a little.

I spent the afternoon taking a nap and just resting. Tomorrow’s forecast calls for possible rain and it appears that a headwind may be prevalent. Yuk. I took every single thing out mod all my panniers and re-organized and re-packed. Made me feel like I had some control over something.

I met Randy for dinner at the motel cafe. There was a skeleton crew because of the holiday, and the sole waiter was a young man named Jordan who was on his second day   at the job. He obviously had received little or no training, and I encouraged/prompted him on how to wait on people, which is very odd since I have never been a waitress (other than a brief stint at Hardee’s when I was in high school). However, I obviously have vast experience in eating out and know the basic drill for good waiters. I asked a few questions about menu items that Jordan had no clue about, but should have, and he dutifully trotted back to the kitchen each time to ask. I ended up ordering a baked potato and steamed green beans. The potato was cold, so I told Jason to take it back to the kitchen and “zap” for 45 seconds to 1 minute and return to me. Meanwhile, I downed the green beans. Randy watched on amused. Jordan would ask if you wanted a refill of water, then take the glass away and return with a new glass of water – who does that? He also came back to check on us and asked, ” are you two getting into trouble over here?” We were just sitting there quietly in the booth waiting on food. What an odd comment in an effort to be humorous. When I got the bill, it was $1.00. For green beans, potato and water. What was hilarious was that at the bottom of the check were suggested tip amounts – 15% of my bill was .14; 20% was .18, etc. I cracked up. Then I went and found Jordan and pointed out that he had no charged for the green beans and only charges .95 for the baked potato. I was concerned that the cashier might notice and he would get fired or something. He told me no worries – he would cover the green beans – and he sincerely thanked me for working with him. Randy and I agreed that perhaps the best thing that could happen would be for Jordan to get fired, since waiting on tables is obviously not his gift.

Back to the room and into bed – again, iffy forecast for tomorrow. Attached are a couple of photos Randy e-mailed from the Riverton to Hiland ride day – me and Case (our Netherlands friend) and me pumping up the tire during the tire change episode that day. Note the beautiful scenery there, before it changed to the endless brown. Randy says I look like I was enjoying the process way too much. That was before the headwinds kicked in.


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