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Rest day in Sioux City, IA

7/20/12  Rest day in Sioux City, IA

Had a wonderful day just taking it easy and getting a few things done before leaving tomorrow for RAGBRAI. Took a short ride to stretch my legs and find an ATM and Starbucks to stock up on via for the next coming weeks. I found a big, clean, modern “real” grocery store and had to keep reminding myself that anything I bought I had to carry. So, I stuck to the basics, although it was nice to look. As I was wandering around, I suddenly spotted dark chocolate covered blueberries that Maxine had introduced me to in Eugene. I have not been able to find them since. I immediately snatched up a bag, and contemplated getting even 2 and putting something else back. But then I remembered how hot it is and if these things melt it will be a mess. So, I settled for 1 bag, knowing I would have the opportunity to enjoy them today for sure and maybe tomorrow.

Returned to the motel and  washed and re-packed everything to make it easier for RAGBRAI. Also decided which clothes to switch out for those Glada is sending up with her friend. Watched a little British Open, responded to some e-mails, took and nap and just generally savored every possible moment in the motel, since it will be a week of camping before I see another motel.

Randy and I met and biked to Luciano’s for dinner. I found it on the internet and it looked promising for pasta dishes. It turned out to be a gold mine! We had pasta primavera in olive oil with all sorts of delicious veggies. The salad and bread were fabulous as well. And the price was unbelievably reasonable. I was so happy to have such a nice meal after weeks on end of burgers, grilled cheeses and fries. Delicious.

Went back to the motel and continued my mental preparations for camping at RAGBRAI.


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