Things that Make me Happy: Part Two

Two weeks ago we ran the first in this three-part series. Here is part two!

Truth Be Told’s Exploring Creativity Workshop introduces expressive arts as ways to relieve stress, channel emotions, and awaken creativity. “Things That Make Me Happy” was the topic for the last TBT session at Hilltop in Gatesville. The women made a list of their happy things. Then, they picked one and wrote a story about it.

2942690428_59c2700619Hot Spicy Chocolate

By Barbara Jones

Hot spicy chocolate is my favorite drink because my children and I used to drink it together to warm our insides up on a cold, wintery day. We would put marshmallows in it and have nice big marshmallow smiles that we could lick off our mouths. So we would laugh and have a grand old time drinking the hot spicy chocolate. Tabitha would get marshmallow up her nose and would have to blow it out with a big smile on her face. Nicci would burn her finger on a hot marshmallow and laugh about it afterwards. Travis would drink it as fast as he could and ask for more. I would stick my finger in a warm marshmallow and put some on their noses.

Helping Others Who are in Need, to Know I Can Feed Someone Who is Hungry or Give Them a Coat When it is Cold

By Marine Theriault

There are many who are in need of food and shelter. Growing up on a farm had a lot of benefits but as a child we don’t see that because we want to be like other kids that have things given to them. Some had more than others. I had to work in the fields and I was mad much of the time, not caring to understand what this was doing for me. I left home and found it hard to survive. All I knew was the farm. There were days I was hungry and wished I was back at home. The abuse didn’t look so bad after all or the work part that I was thinking to be unfair. I saw many faces that were hungry and many homeless and it hurt me to see how selfish I was. I had an experience and did not put it to use. God put us in our territories and has given us gifts and talents as children and today I see where I went wrong. Knowing what I know today, I could have fed thousands upon thousands of people with the knowledge I have on farming. My goal is to set out on that mission.

Granny’s Cooking

By Taffiny Williamson

2299374588_7531286590Cooking dinner with grandma—she was like an angel in the kitchen. Today she taught me how to flour the chicken and put it in the fryer. Then wow, oh, my!—her mashed potatoes. I had to sit here and peel almost a whole bag. Man, my hands hurt. But after then she put the most flavored seasonings that make me want to hit someone. The gravy she did I tried like she said and well, it ended up in a blob mess. This is my favorite to cook—the Chocolate Dream Cake. I took out the flour, cocoa, baking soda, baking powder, sugar, eggs, oil, vanilla, mixed it all together and baked it. While the cake was cooking, you smelled chocolate cake and fried chicken. Oh, for the topping—I mixed some cocoa, ¾ box powder sugar, coconut milk, ¼ stick butter, melted it, then poured it over the cake. My granny said that was the best cake she had ever tasted. My Granny—I’ll always remember her cooking and never forget what she taught me.

Meeting My First Spider

By Belinda L.

One day I went to the pet store and was looking around ‘til I saw this rose-hair tarantula and asked the salesperson how much was it. She told me $20. So I bought her and a tank, rocks, food (crickets), a log, and light. Took her home, set everything up and put her in a new environment. So I named her Zena. I carried Zena around everywhere. She stayed on my shoulder all the time. When we would go to the park with friends, she would be in her small clear cage. When we reached the park, I would take Zena out and hold her in my hand, having everyone wanting to hold her. When we entered the park, people would stare at Zena and say, Oh, my God, it’s a spider,” and ask, “Does it bite?” I would have little kids coming up to me to ask if they could hold her and their parents would take pictures. I would meet all kinds of people who weren’t afraid and some that were terrified. After leaving the park, people would tell me, “Next time you come back, don’t forget the spider.” After a couple of days Zena molted into a bigger spider. Some make it through the molting and some don’t. This is the amazing part–Zena lived to about 3 years. She was part of my life and that was the saddest day for me when she died.

Winter’s Night

By Dusti S.

6826909674_b7d299825b_zA cold winter’s night

frost crystals blanket the world in white.

A red, gold fire’s flames dancing inside

bending their warmth

to chase away the chill inside.

Listening as the flames play their merry tune,

Pop, snap, crackle, pop they play

as I while away

my time in fantasy worlds unknown,

no cares, no worries, no t.v. or telephone,

as I get lost in a good book’s

story, characters and plots, reading by

the fire’s cheerful light.

It’s the only way for me to spend

a cold winter’s night.

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