Kim's TRANSAMERICA Journey Epilogue


The TRANSAMERICA bike ride ended at 12:30 pm on August 22, when Kim Basinger dipped her front tire into the Atlantic Ocean.

Kim biked approximately 4200 miles in 87 days through 15 states, beginning at Fort Stevens, OR on the Pacific coast and ending at Ocean City, MD on the Atlantic coast.

Truth Be Told took this opportunity to do a little Q&A about Kim’s Journey, which benefited our programs. To support Kim and TBT, please click here to make a donation!

What did you miss least about your “usual life” back home while you were bicycling across USA? What did you miss most?

KB: I missed work the least, and my cat the most.

How long did you plan & prepare for this trip?

I began planning and preparing in April 2011.

Are you finding it difficult to return to living in one place?

It’s not that difficult living in one place – actually kind of nice to be sleeping in my own bed. I do miss the actual biking and adventures that came about each day. Especially seeing places I had never been to before and meeting interesting people that will no doubt be lifelong friends.

What surprised you most on the trip?

How much the trip met my expectations and more. I read several books by others that had made similar trips and I had very similar experiences.

For those who followed you, are you and Randy staying in touch – how’s he doing?

Randy and I have been staying in touch and he is settling back into his routine in Tucson. We have discussed maybe doing another ride sometime in the future, although no specific plans or destinations. During the trip we discussed possibly setting up tours for small groups of 2-4 people that would be interested in learning how to plan and participate in a bike tour.

What’s your next adventure going to be?

I don’t have a specific adventure in mind – I am still processing this trip and all it means to me. I would like to explore the possibility of interviewing for the Amazing Race. I would love to do that. Maybe another bike trip someday.

Do you have a philosophy that explains why you were willing for your trip to benefit Truth be Told?

I know that a lot of people out there riding are doing it to raise money for a favorite non-profit or cause. I felt that if TBT could somehow benefit from my ride, I was happy for them to do so, to lend my name and ride to TBT to set up as a fund raiser.

“Thanks for riding along and sharing in my adventures as I lived my dream. I hope that you are encouraged to discover and live your own dream, whatever that may be. And when you feel afraid, just remember – each and every day ordinary people like you and me do extraordinary things.”

Thanks to my “guardian angel” and dear friend, Randy Garmon. You played a huge part in making every day of this amazing adventure pure joy.

As for me, I now ride into the second half of my life renewed by the Spirit of a strong prevailing tailwind….

Kim Basinger
Ocean City, MD
August 22, 2012

3 Responses to Kim's TRANSAMERICA Journey Epilogue

  1. Dear Kim, what an awe-inspiring adventure you have begun. I can’t even begin to find words for the joy and excitement I have felt for you along your journey. I am so happy for you — I cannot hold back the tears. I could feel your soul being shaken, opened, and renewed. You are the dearest soul and I love ya girl.

    I have looked forward to your journal entries with the childlike anticipation that I had as I awaited the new edition of our Happy Hollisters book that would be arriving from the book club.

    Wishing you grace and peace as you return home very blessed with renewed vitality, energy, and focus.

    Hugs, Linda

  2. Kim, you gave me much more than I received. I encourage all to follow Kim’s courage … take on what you fear.

    A better friend I can not imagine,

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