Truth Be Told is Amplified and Grateful for Recent Blessings

This was our first year to participate in Amplify Austin and we had no idea what to expect.

We started with what we thought was an ambitious goal of $10,000. Our supporters spread the message, and we reached that goal before the 24-hour giving period began at 6 p.m. on March 20th. We set a new goal of $15,000. At 6 p.m. on March 21st, the official end of Amplify Austin, we had raised over $18,000. But the gifts kept coming…at 10:25 p.m. we closed the day with a total of $20,686.00 and have received a few more contributions since then.


 We are humbled and inspired by the generosity of old friends and new supporters who were moved to give. We’ve also learned a few things. The $5,705,808 raised by I Live Here, I Give Here during Amplify proves they are on to something with the crowd-sourcing model that relies on networking through social media. We discovered that watching our total run-up on their live leader board during the giving period feels like hitting the mega jackpot on a giant slot machine. Our high number of donors, 250, and the many new names particularly encouraged us; they came from 19 states and Canada. The final lesson is that a personal appeal really makes a difference. We have Carol Waid to thank for beating the drum until we had 29 personal fundraising campaigns. More than three quarters of the funds we raised came from those pages. We are already strategizing for Amplify Austin 2015.

Staying with Our Joyful Theme of Abundance

Office Workers Clapping at Office PartyJourney, Imperfect Faith Community has been a faithful supporter of Truth Be Told and we are buoyed by their belief in our programs and the women we serve. Thank you Journey, IFC for the $1,000 we used as matching funds for Amplify Austin.

Each month, the University Catholic Center takes up what they call a “black bag collection” and sends it to a nonprofit. This is the second year they have chosen Truth Be Told as one of the recipients. Thank you University Catholic Center for your $591 donation that means so much to a nonprofit our size.

Note from Kathleen Littlepage, New Interim Executive Director

Kathleen Littlepage

Kathleen Littlepage

I have been facilitating a weekly Truth Be Told class at the Travis County jail in Del Valle for six years and have been the TBT program coordinator for that facility, which is officially known as the Travis County Correctional Complex (TCCC). In February, I decided to volunteer a little extra time to help TBT with administrative work. Carol Waid is the Director of Programs and has been the acting Executive Director and only paid TBT employee for two years. I had so much fun working with Carol on Amplify Austin and other projects that we wanted to find a way for me to stay on. The TBT Board agreed to contract with me to serve part-time as the Interim Executive Director.

I feel so lucky to be spending more time where my passion is and to be even more involved with the community that believes that incarcerated women can build new lives given the tools and support. This is a transitional time for TBT. We are focused on building our organizational capacity so that we can serve more women for a long time to come. That is why the first half of this message is about fundraising. In partnership with the Board, I will be working on diversifying and increasing our fundraising efforts to secure our future service.

Recently, it seems that TBT has been “discovered.” We receive a steady stream of inquiries from potential volunteers, correctional facilities, and other agencies and organizations with similar missions. This is in response to some presentations we made, and I believe it is also a result of the increasing public awareness of the value of rehabilitative programs for the large prison population. Over the last 14 years, TBT has had steady measured growth. We plan to continue that thoughtful path and discern the opportunities that are the best fit for our organization. I’ll be writing grant applications and looking for collaborations and partnerships. Please let me know if you have suggestions for beneficial connections or fundraising opportunities by contacting me at

Thank you!

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  1. I am eternally grateful for everyone who was part of making Amplify Austin an amazing event for Truth Be Told! And I know that Kathleen is going to do a incredible job! Thank you for sharing this great news!!!

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