We have 23 Amplify pages. Our goal is 33. Can you help us raise funds? Can you donate?

We are seven days from the 2014 Amplify Austin 24-hour giving day, which starts at 6pm on Thursday, March 20, and ends at 6pm on Friday, March 21.

You can preset your donation right now!! Click here to donate now —


Our big financial goal is to raise $10,000, and so far through early donations, we have raised $4,000 — thus Amplifying Truth Be Told!

Our bonus goal is to win the $5,000 prize for having the most Personal Fundraising Campaign pages.  We have 23 such pages as of today (including some by graduates) and are working our way up to 33 pages. If each page receives $300 in donations, we will meet our big financial goal.

The great news is that Carol Waid, Truth Be Told co-founder and Behind and Beyond Bars program director, can set your page up for you. She will add our new video, produced by Firelight Films (  She will need a photo and short description of why you are supporting Truth Be Told and then you will be able to participate in your own fundraising effort. To contact Carol, please email her at

Be inspired by Cara’s story and feel free to make your donation to her page:

Thanks for your support.  Your gift will help us help women in prison to heal past wounds and transform their lives.

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2 Responses to We have 23 Amplify pages. Our goal is 33. Can you help us raise funds? Can you donate?

  1. my name stehanie turner 2013 graduate this progam also save me i learned to tell the truth that i didnt even know my self thre journaling i found my self and learn to help stay focus on the real untold story thanks truth be told i needed help.

    • Stephanie it is so great to see your post this morning. I am so grateful that you said yes to our programs and that you are saying yes to the Beyond Bars Program. You are a gift and we appreciate you for being willing to share your story and for trusting the process and the facilitators. We appreciate the help you share by sharing.

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