Working the 12 Steps

Today’s guest post comes to us from Juliana, a recent supporter of Truth Be Told, on commitment to a 12-Step program and how we need to prioritize. A great reminder for all of us on not saying “yes” too much, and becoming overwhelmed.

Dearest Truth Be Told Family,

Image courtesy of Al-Anon

Working the twelve steps can be humbling. As a new comer to Al-Anon and  who  is  on the fence of involvement, I still receive great wisdom and nudges  from the few meetings I do  attend. I am urged to speak my truth.  So here is my amend to Truth Be Told. I have been in Austin for over a year after moving from Vermont. When I first was here  I became very enthusiastic about  the organization. Then my life began to happen full of financial responsibilities, job and tending to my marriage. About a month ago I ran into Nathalie promising I would follow up with the need for a dance facilitator with one of the groups. Emails came and went about the urgent need for facilitators and I avoided them. And here is my character defect: making promises too quickly and not  following up when I feel overwhelmed.

Instead of  taking the time to step back before I can get real with what  God  is really asking me to do, I say “yes.”  The guidance I am receiving now,  from that “still small voice,”  tells me that  my first few years in Austin are about creating a financial stability in work that is essential.  Since I am a  called to be a counselor for others  my emotional well is  not capable of doing anything more. I need time, a lot of down time.

Instead I feel God is asking me  to go to more Al-Anon meetings, get off the fence about my own need for  connection and  community,  and tend to my own deep wounds and hunger for God.

I apologize for my inconsistancy and not following through.  I want to make choices when I am really ready and can be a responsible player. I am getting there. It takes a life time to grow up. Will you love me in my growing up? I know if and when I am called to be more involved with Truth Be Told, I will have a lot to offer. I do.

Obedience is a rub. But my way is the old way and never works.

Hope to see you at Al-Anon–(if any of you attend), lunch,  a walk or a interplay fun afternoon!



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