financial goal

Listen to the Voice of Teri!

In February 2000, Nathalie Sorrell didn’t know what to expect when she created the posters announcing the new class in the GEO Lockhart prison. She certainly didn’t anticipate that 14 years later Truth Be Told would still be talking to Teri, a reluctant participant.

We have 23 Amplify pages. Our goal is 33. Can you help us raise funds? Can you donate?

Our big financial goal is to raise $10,000, and so far through early donations, we have raised $4,000 — thus Amplifying Truth Be Told! Our bonus goal is to win the $5,000 prize for having the most Personal Fundraising Campaign pages. We have 23 pages as of today and are working our way up to 33 pages. If each page receives $300 in donations, we will meet our financial goal.