I Live Here I Give Here

15 Years of Helping Women Behind Bars Find Their Voices

All of the programs are still facilitated by volunteers. The organization relies on donations from generous individuals and a few small organizations and foundation grants.

We have 23 Amplify pages. Our goal is 33. Can you help us raise funds? Can you donate?

Our big financial goal is to raise $10,000, and so far through early donations, we have raised $4,000 — thus Amplifying Truth Be Told! Our bonus goal is to win the $5,000 prize for having the most Personal Fundraising Campaign pages. We have 23 pages as of today and are working our way up to 33 pages. If each page receives $300 in donations, we will meet our financial goal.

Truth Be Told has a new video, in time for Amplify Austin on March 20-21!

Help us raise funds! On March 20-21, Truth Be Told is participating in Amplify Austin’s I Live Here, I Give Here fundraiser. You can help by matching donations, creating your own fundraiser, spreading the word, and sharing with us why you support Truth Be Told.