The Sweet Spot, a film about a TBT graduate's story

I pulled in the driveway of the rundown blue shack on the side of Highway 290, wondering if I was making the wrong decision jumping into the car of a total stranger — let alone into the car of a convicted felon. I had just moved to Austin, and it’s not like anyone would be checking in on me.

Let's Get Real! Truth Be Told program prepares women for release from prison

It is common that when inmates are on their way out of prison that they began to show reactionary behaviors that are often self-destructive, due to the reality of being released, even when they’ve been model prisoners for years. There is fear of the unknown, and many prisoners know they will return to the same environment they left with little opportunity, support, or financial possibilities for a new lifestyle. There is the reality that many will be returning to older children who’ve been living without their parenting for a number of years. These realities can heighten emotions of panic, confusion, and depression.

"I'm just like you": a man shares his perspective with women in prison

…he walked humbly to the microphone. He stood tall and soft, wiped away his tears, and told the women that there were good men in the world and he was there to represent them. He fully and lovingly saw these women, who openly sobbed at his compassionate and empathetic response.

Getting real, risking vulnerability, connecting: a story from Behind Bars

“I’m excited to go home and rekindle my relationship with my children and grandkids. I want to read a book to my grandkids that was never read to me, “The 3 Little Bears.” I’m nervous that my family will not accept me for the changed woman that I am.”