Sandra- “I wanted the safe community that I had in prison, out of prison.”

Today, we are featuring our graduate, Sandra. We don’t have a video to share today because she will be speaking tonight at our Story Gathering. Come and hear about this amazing woman’s journey. 

$100K in 10 Days – Featuring our Truth Be Told graduate, Sandra

It’s day 9 of our fundraiser and we’ve raised nearly $45,000 towards trauma healing of justice-involved women. This does not include the matching pledges from our donors. Tonight is our Story Gathering. It’s a very special night for honoring the commitment and will of these women to changing their narrative. It’s also a night to celebrate our donors’ commitment to supporting justice-involved women in their quest for a better life.

TBT: What do you want people to know about incarceration and the criminal justice system?

Sandra: What I think people should know about the criminal justice system, is that the criminal justice system itself does not offer any type of rehabilitation for the incarcerated person. The classes that are offered are extremely outdated and offer a selection that does not benefit anyone.  

TBT: What is your favorite motto, phrase, or affirmation?

Sandra: My favorite phrase would be, that I am not perfect, but a work in progress. 

TBT: Out of all the work that you did with Truth Be Told, what is the most memorable lesson or tool that you still use to this day.   

Sandra: Of all the tools I was taught in Truth Be Told, the most memorable one is, dump writing. When I have no one to talk to or I am upset about something, I can get out my notebook and just write. The words do not have to make sense. I can use incomplete sentences or statements. I can just put down what I am feeling or thinking, then close the book. I said it and it is off my chest now. 

TBT: We are all one choice away from incarceration. Describe one choice from your past that put you on the path to incarceration.

Sandra: I decided to sell and use drugs. 

TBT: What are you excited about in your life now or looking forward to in the future?

Sandra: I will be 50 in about a year and half, I am looking forward to celebrating and enjoying some time for myself. I have worked hard since my release to get back on track and stay on track. I am looking forward to celebrating my success. 

TBT: Tell us about your best day in prison and your worst day in prison.

Sandra: My worst day in prison would be every time I was moved to a different facility. This is an all night/day affair. The guard will tell you around 11pm-ish that you will need to pack up your belongings because you are moving. Then, it seems like you sit until about 4am when they finally search your belongings for contraband and begin to get you ready. Every time I was moved I got a headache from not sleeping and eating nothing until around lunch or dinner time the next day. When you arrive at the next place, you get checked in, and you may or may not get a “Johnny,” aka a sandwich, in a bag to eat before going to your next cell with your instructions of school or work assignment. 

Sandra has come a long way and we are so glad to celebrate her tonight. You can purchase your ticket to our Story Gathering or make a donation by visiting this link. We are so grateful to be able to celebrate so many successes and release-anniversaries with our graduates. They are truly, and always will be, the biggest testament to the work of Truth Be Told. 

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